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If you are reading this post, chances are you have already started blogging using Atalanta's system. Congratulations for being part of the most trendy travelers community!

Oh wait, you don't have a blog? Here is how to start a blog.

In this post, I will provide 9 tips on optimizing the usage of various features found in the blog creator. Hopefully, after going through them, you can improve your post to a whole new professional level.

Let's get started!

Tip 1: Always use high-res images

Beautiful photography will help your post to stand out more, but not with blurry and low resolution images. So do make sure that your images are all in high quality by previewing your post in a wide screen device or preferably on laptop/desktop.

Extra tip - set your default cover images in Blog Settings. They act as the fallback images, when your post or category does not have any cover image. Just like this particular post, I purposely did not include a cover image, and it is making use my default, which is the same as my homepage's cover image.

Tip 2: Hide post title, and use cover image to make it more attractive

In some themes, the post title is placed as a text overlay on the cover image. You may want to consider hiding post title if your cover image is more suitable to be displayed in full without any text overlay. Also, hiding is especially important when your post title is lengthy. Put your photoshop skills into good use by adding the post title directly onto your cover image. Another method is to simply include the post title in a text block and style it with H1 tag.

Tip 3: Category design

As the system automatically generates the main navigation based on your catergories, it is crucial that your categories are organized and created properly. In order to keep it neat and simple, the system only allow 1 level of sub-category. Therefore, you should design your categories around this restriction.

The output - Parent category will appear in the top menu bar. Sub-category will appear as a dropdown menu upon clicking on its parent. Clicking on a category link will navigate to a page with all its posts. However, if the category only has a single post, it will navigate to that particular post instead.

Tip 4: Don't copy and paste blindly

Sometimes, there is a need to copy and paste text from other sources. And most of the time we paste with the original text formatting too. The best practice is to use the Clear Formatting button to remove the format. Always preview your post before publishing to ensure that is no inconsistency in styling.

Tip 5: Make use of the itinerary widget

A true travel blogger does not shy away for any opportunity to monetize their trips. Spend some time crafting a high quality, detailed travel itinerary, and publish it for sale in the marketplace! Increase your chance of getting sales by promoting it in your blog posts. Embedding the itinerary will make it so much easier for your readers to notice it.

Tip 6: Always fill up the Summary

The summary is also used as meta:description. It simply means that it can help with SEO! Provide a short, concise and straight to the point summary. Spare no efforts in improving your chances of getting more blog traffic.

Tip 7: Proper URL naming

A default URL is generated for you post if you do not edit it. Yes, it can be ugly and not meaningful at all. Therefore, it is best to manually name your URL. A neat and short URL makes it easier for everyone to share around.

Tip 8: Opt for getting featured in Travel Records

If your post content is travel related, try to get it featured in Atalanta's Travel Records! Don't deprive yourself the chance of getting free awareness and increase your online presence.

Tip 9: Enable Commenting Section

Do your readers a favor by giving them a chance to leave comments in your post! Facebook Commenting Tool is used as the medium for managing comments, therefore you'll need to have an Facebook Page and App ID first, in order to set up the commenting section. Don't worry, its not difficult to get it up - and there's a guide available!

That's all for my 9 tips! If you require specific help on using the post editor, check out the official blog guide.

Otherwise, leave a comment below and I will try my best to address your questions.


How to start a Travel Blog, quick and easy

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