Hello, I'm Dwayne.S, co-founder of Atalanta World (atalantaworld.com) - a specialized travel blogging platform & itinerary marketplace.

I have a huge interests in the travel scene and have always aspired to be a travel blogger. For many years, I've been wanting to start writing, but did not do so since I was so absorbed in the reality rat race. Until late 2016, it was then when I decided that I had hesitated far enough and it was time to take action.

I recalled back during the time when I was planning a trip to Taiwan. I love planning itinerary, but the process was a killer due to limited and fragmented information from all over the internet. I had to gather details across multiple sources, not to mention cross-referencing & conducting fact checks with intensive research. It was all for a simple 5 days trip but the whole planning process took me 2 months. Cutting the long story short, I decided to start a itinerary marketplace, hoping to eliminate the hardcore planning process for those who doesn't like doing it. That's how Atalanta World got started, as a detailed travel itinerary marketplace.

Fast forward to late 2017, it was then I have finally decided to start blogging. One of the biggest obstacle (or rather, excuse) that hindered me from starting was which blogging platform should I choose. As a Web Developer, I understand all the pros & cons of various CMS and website builder. None of them really stood out to me as a suitable choice for travel blogging. Sure, WP is great and by far the most popular CMS chosen by top travel bloggers, but when I think of the perspective of a traveler, it's not that simple (too lengthy to explain here). Then a sudden thought hit me, "what the heck, why not just create my own platform?", and here it is - the birth of Atalanta's blogging system.

One of the objective of this blog is to showcase the capabilities of Atalanta's blogging platform. It's part of my personal initiative to raise awareness about this platform's existence. As for my desire to be a travel blogger, there's still a long, long way to go. Regardless, I will try my very best to share personal travel experiences so far and hopefully one day it will be sufficient for me to be qualify as a full-fledge travel blogger.

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