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I embarked on my entrepreneur journey in year 2012, with the motive to change my life. Little did I expect that just the starting up stage would take so many years. If I had to pinpoint one of the biggest hurdle that I have faced, that would be getting myself into the correct ‘state of mind’.

So what is this ‘state of mind’ I am talking about?

1) Mentally prepared to tackle all kinds of seemly unsolvable problems

The first two years into my journey, I have already encountered countless roadblocks preventing me from moving ahead. There will always be unforeseeable problems lurking somewhere, like a predator ready to pounce on you the moment your guard is down. The solution? Never, ever let that get you. Some problems are meant to be left unsolved at certain point of time. Rather that stopping your progress, try to pivot or go on another direction. Along the way you will eventually gain the experience and knowledge needed to help you overcome all previous obstacles.

2) Moving out of comfort zone and face all challenges that lies ahead

I have to admit, being an introvert myself, it is really hard to communicate with people. Having a quiet personality definitely does not help in getting sales and improving customer service. What I tried: practice talking to people. Find random people to talk to, even talking with your family helps. Its all about getting used to being able to share your ideas and thoughts aloud. As you will build up the momentum, you will be more comfortable communicating with real clients. So, face your fear bravely, don’t ever back down without trying!

3) Having the confidence to tell others that you are an entrepreneur

Not easy, really. Especially when your gig is, well, not making money at all. How to gain that confidence: have faith in your business model that it will brings you income eventually. If you do not have the courage to admit that you are the founder of your brillant business, it can only mean that you are ashame of your own baby. Show confidence in the things you do, so that others can trust you in return.

4) Let go of all kinds of distractions

Distractions can be anything that hinders your business progression. For example, if you are still holding a day job else where, it will be the greatest distraction to your start up journey. If your savings does not last you for another year, it simply shows that you are still not ready to take the plunge. The work you are doing for your startup should already be your day job, and not working for others. Another major distraction is your friends. Be ready to sacrifice away play time or friendship bonding time. Going out for lengthy meals and movies regularly are the easiest way waste time and kill momentum.

5) Set your startup tasks as the highest priority in your daily to-do list

Being able to set my priorities to focus on my startup makes a lot of difference. When you are all fired up with passion each day to build on your business, having other unfinished personal issues can be a serious momentum breaker. You can never be ready to embark on an entrepreneurial journey if you still have things left undone. It would be better to sort them out completely, or else your daily energy will be drained before anything gets done.

6) Embrace failures but never give up

I have failed. Many times, over and over again. About 99.99% of the time I am on the verge of breaking down. Still, I did not give up. I am still hopeful that one day my business will grow like how I want it to be. Always believe that the road that leads to success is just round the corner. Almost there, almost there... ...

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Never give up without trying

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