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Do you inspire to be a travel blogger? Me too. For 7 long years, I've harboured the thoughts of starting my own travel blog, and finally, I did it. It's all about timing and NOW is the best time to get started.

Why now? What's the difference?

Technology has advanced to the point where literally anyone, without much technical knowledge, can quickly use a site builder service to create a blog and start writing.

However, to start a professional travel blog, you really need a proper backend system. To do so, having technical knowledge is pretty much a requirement, unless you are willing to fork out money and outsource all technology related work. According to bloggers, on average it takes at least 16 months for any professional blog, to start generating substantial income. Hence, it is not practical to outsource and spend thousands just to get started. (Well, you can if you are loaded, just saying.)

As of current, the most common choice of blogging platform used is Wordpress. No doubt it's an excellent CMS (content management system), with so much themes and plugins to choose from. Yes, it is easy to setup too. BUT... If you are serious about this travel blogging business (and you should be), your blog must look professional, fast loading, and no down time. To do that, you definitely need technology knowledge - for buying and managing server to host your website; programming knowledge for customizing theme; hacker skills to solve plugins incompatible issues; catching up with latest technology to design a fast, responsive website that works across all screen sizes. If you are willing to learn all these, by all means go ahead, as it is still probably the best way to develop a first-class professional blog. If not, I have a better suggestion.

Best blogging platform for Travel niche

Allow me to introduce Atalanta World Blogging Platform - specially designed & developed for travel blogging needs. With it, you can focus on doing what you do best - writing.

Here are some features which makes it so good for travel blogging:

  • Gain instant exposure right from the start - have your post featured on Atalanta's Travel Records, a page showcasing quality articles from the travel community.
  • No complicated setup process - simply register an account, choose a blog name, and you are ready to write your first post.
  • Easy to use, distraction-free editor - use text and media blocks to build up your post neatly, no need to worry about screwing up the format and design.
  • Instant optimized for Mobile View - no need to worry your articles looking bad or slow loading across different devices.
  • Themes are Google AMP designed - which means your blog is already using the latest web technologies. AMP websites are more favored in Google search, resulting in better search ranking. Read more about AMP benefits here.
  • No meddling with servers - no more nightmares from sudden down time and investigating what causes server failure in wee hours.
  • Free for Life - yes, it's free. You can also upgrade to paid membership account for more advance features, but the basic account is already more than enough to achieve success with it.

Step by step guide

  1. Decide on your blog name. Pick something that's not too lengthy, and follow general guidelines on domain naming too. Just don't spend days thinking about it, better to jump right into writing as soon as possible. Content is king!
  2. Sign up at Atalanta World. You can start blogging instantly right after creating a new blog. No need to waste time figuring out technical stuff anymore.
  3. Prepare your images. Logo, cover images, and images for social media. If you think that your current original photographs are not good enough, visit stock image sites like pixabay. You can use them for free and they look great.
  4. Set up social media account. Yes, you can stick to your own personal accounts if you wish to. However, I highly recommend to have account set up specifically for your travel blog. For example, use a Facebook Page instead of your own personal profile. This will allows you to have an Facebook App ID required for the commenting section. Also, having a Page allows your Instagram account to convert to a Business account, which enable you to use Insights. Those metrics are very useful when comes to growing your fanbase. Here's another tip: join EyeEm. It's a stock image platform but function like a social media too. Very useful for travel bloggers and it is gaining popularity fast.
  5. Write and publish your first post. Quickly pump out your first post, and submit your URL to Google and AMP. Doing so will helps your blog to get index earlier and optimize for search engine.

There you have it! Congratulations, you're a travel blogger now.

Read here for 9 tips on how to improve your blog.

While you're here, why not check out a detailed itinerary I did using Atalanta World's itinerary creator? Create your own and embed it into your blog post, like how I did as shown below.

Fall in love with Taipei in 3 Days

3D2N Taiwan

Experience Taipei in a short span of 3 days is possible. I will help you optimize your budget, at the same time without compromising the fun. The focus of this trip is to mainly experience the lifestyle of this beautiful city, by sampling a range of Taiwanese food, and with many shopping opportunities. Per pax budget estimation is based on 2 person going on this trip.

View Detailed Itinerary >

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer them!


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