27 September, 2017 • By Dwayne • 538 views

One of the worst thing we can probably do to ourselves is to give up without trying. Be it our dreams, relationships, beliefs or whatever that is important to us. People around me spoke about their dreams and aspirations for their future. However, they did not have any executable plans to achieve it. I know, and everyone knows, how hard it is to get started on those dreams. We are bounded by our full time jobs, to make ends meet. “It is always easy to say than to do”, but I still believe that should not deter us for giving it a try. Our future is shaped by what we did today, and if nothing has been done, the future that we imagined will never ever be materialize.

Your mind is the greatest creation tool

An image of an object needs to be formed up in our mind before it is created. Likewise, we have to picture our desired future before painting it. If you are still living your life without a motive, just imagine few years down the road, do you still want to be the same? Do you still want to live a life without doing or having what you wanted? They always say “it is never too late to start”, but the truth is time waits for no man and it will eventually be too late.

Stop procrastinating, get started

There is always a way to kick start your dreams. Take entrepreneurship as an example. If you have been thinking of being your own boss, come out with a business idea. If you already have a business idea, start doing market research, and ways to get it up and running. The outcome may not turn out to be expected, but it is better than not doing anything. Be ready for endless amount of failures. The experience and knowledge you gained will definitely bring you a step closer to your goals, as long as you don’t give up and use them in your next attempt.

It's okay to fail, but never give up

Everyone is eligible to be successful, whether they are intelligent or not, strong or weak. It is all about how much you DESIRE success, how DETERMINE you are, how much EFFORT you are willing to put in. And most importantly, never give up without putting in your best effort. I have been failing so many times over the years, and most of the time all I can think of is giving up. Still, I pressed on. I knew and always remind myself that if i give up now, my chance of success will immediately be reduce to zero.


Adjust your Mindset for Success

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