Yongkang Street - What to Do and Eat

31 December, 2017 • 12770 views

This area is full of famous eateries and restaurants, namely Din Tai Fung, Mango Snowflake Ice, Yongkang Beef Noodle, Tu Hsiao Yueh & many more. There are also many fun and quirky shops selling interesting and unique collectibles & gifts. I always include Yongkang Street my Taipei itinerary, just can't get enough of this place!

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Tamsui - What to Do and Eat

01 October, 2017 • 1444 views

You can't miss Tamsui when you visit Taipei. Its a beautiful old town, filled with nostalgic feel. Lots of shopping, lots of eating, and lots of scenic views.

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Jiufen - What to Do and Eat

28 September, 2017 • 2948 views

Beautiful and charming old town on top a mountain in northern Taiwan. Not sure what to do and eat in Jiufen? Let me help you.

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