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Tamsui Old Street is not only well loved by locals, it is also one of the hottest place to visit for tourists. Many reputable shops has been around for decades, and thanks to the internet era, we can locate them easily.

Going there is really simple, as Tamsui is the last station for red line. From the metro station, it will take about 5 minutes walk to reach the old streets.

Tamsui old street. You're on the right direction if you see this.
Another landmark for reference.

There are actually 3 major areas in Tamsui, but I will only show a little bit here and there as I didn't managed to take much photos during my trip. When you first reach Tamsui, you can choose to either start exploring the main old street, or begin from the riverside walk.

From the Old Street

The most eye-catching shop I visited was the Hello Kitty theme specialty shop. All their Taiwanese famous products like pineapple tarts, taiyangbing, are boxed in cute Hello Kitty packaging. They are excellent gifts if you have friends who loves Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Specialty Shop!
Very cute tea set.
Hello Kitty molded egg sponge cakes. Simple but delicious.

Shopping along the Riverside

You will notice many shops selling mostly indentical food, like fried squid, quill eggs, ice cream, etc.. It's hard to know which shop to buy from. Just try out the samples and decide after tasting.

Crispy fried squid. Recommended.
Many other fried food.
The famous Ah Gei.
Flying fish roe sausages.
Pika, pika, pikachu!
Getting more and more crowded after 4pm.
Smiling corgi found in one of the cafes.

Chilling around the Riverside

Scenery is awesome here, with a view of a mountain across the riverbank.

Everyone loves to chill here.

I was lucky to be there during late June and managed to observe the National Largest Pumpkin Competition.

Over hundreds of huge pumpkins were displayed.
And the king of the kings - weighs about 898 kg! Madness.

How long to stay

Tamsui has so much to offer, so allocate at least 5 hours. Make it even longer if you planning to visit Fort San Domingo and Fisherman's Wharf, so it's easily a full day itinerary.

How to go

Via metro - Take to the red line final station, Tamsui station.

Tamsui metro station.

Do check out my Taipei itinerary, it will save you from lots of planning troubles!

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I can't wait to visit Tamsui again, so that I focus more on taking pictures and provide more recommendations here.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer them!


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