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Yongkang Street, located near Dongmen metro station, in Taipei City. Thanks to the metro, it is very convenient and accessible. Easily one of my favourite destination to visit in Taipei as there are many famous eateries and restaurants to satisfy a glutton like me. For shopping and dining in this area, it is recommended to bring along more cash, as the prices can be a little more steep than other parts of Taipei.

Din Tai Fung

The most well-known restaurant around this parts is arguably Din Tai Fung. This michelin star awarded restaurant is famous for their signature dish, xiaolongbao (aka soup dumpling). Tourists from all over the world would make pilgrimage to this "godly" branch, as it is the founding place. In terms of the food standard and taste, it doesn't differ much from their other Taipei branches. As for other aspects, like the overall ambience, space and services, Taipei 101 branch is definitely much better the rest. (I always crave for DTF whenever I'm in Taiwan, because sadly those branches in my home country don't offer the same good authentic taste.)

The first and the origin of Din Tai Fung.

The queue can be very long, regardless of timing, thanks to large tour groups. Expect around 30~40 minutes waiting time. Ordering is easy as they provide menus in many different languages.

Xiaolongbao aka Soup Dumpling.

Mango Snowflake Ice

The most famous dessert in Yongkang street! There are 2 outlets. The first one nearer to the metro is usually very, very crowded. I prefer going to the other outlet which is located about 2 streets away, 3-5mins walk. Directions are also provided by a poster board beside the shop.

The first outlet nearer to metro. Always very packed, its like a tourists gathering place.
Another outlet. Crowded too but with more tables outside.
Ordering counter. Menu in English, Japanese and Korean.

The snowflake is made by shaving frozen milk, creating a smooth, soft and silky texture. Top with fresh fruit cubes and drench in fruit syrup, the overall combination delivers a balance taste of sweetness and sourness. It is also serve with either a scoop of sherbet, or with steam milk pudding. Highly recommended. I can skip every food in Yongkang Street, but NOT this. Never.

Price is about US$7 per bowl, depending on which item. The portion is huge enough to share among 2~3 people, but I prefer to have it all by myself.

Simply delicious.

Exploration Mode

Along the street there are many fun, quirky, and unique shops. They're also part of the the reason why I love Yongkang Street so much. Need to get gifts or souvenirs for family and friends? Just shop from here. My photos below are not really showcasing the charm of YK street, as I was too engrossed in shopping and totally forgot about snapping pictures.

Soyo and Soya - same shop!
The shop mascot-kun.
Lots of dangles.
Looks like DIY handcrafted mini pouches.

Yongkang Park is like some sort of checkpoint, and it is a nice place to take a short break. Surrounding the park, there are also a few nice-looking hipster cafes.

Landmark stone erected in Yongkang Park.
Lovely Shiba Inu chilling at Yong Kang Park. With cute Lego-printed harness!

Yongkang Beef Noodle

One of the older and traditional Taiwan beef noodle restaurant. It may not be the very best, but definitely among the top 10 in Taipei. A queue can be expected as they are really popular, filled with locals and travelers. During my last visit, I chose to share table with others so that I didn't need to wait.

Huge yellow signboard that you can't possibly miss.
Their menu and pricing. Taken at a bad angle due to overcrowding inside.

The price is about $US8.50 per bowl. They have standard size or large size, I do suggest just getting the standard one as their portion is quite generous. Typicially people just order beef noodle, but for those who enjoy tendons, it is possible to order a mixed bowl, or just purely tendons noodle. Red tea is provided for free via self service near the cashier counter.

The standard signature dish, braised beef noodle.
Another signature, the braised beef tendons noodle.

Hsin Tung Yang

This place sells many local specialty food products, such as beef or pork jerky, black pork floss, mochi & many more. Always my last stop before leaving Yongkang, mass buy packets of beef jerkys, and drop them off at hotel straightaway.

Good for last minute gift shopping.

How long to stay

Easily 4 to 6 hours, and can be longer for shopaholics.

How to go

Via Metro: Take to Red line - Dongmen Station. Come out from the exit number 5, go straight, and turn right into the first junction you encounter. This stretch of road down is known as the "Yong Kang Street".

Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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I can't wait to visit Yongkang Street again, so that I can update and provide more recommendations.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer them!


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